Vlad Dubovskiy

Like & Do: Data Science, AI, Social Design, Cities of the Future, User Experience Design, Lean Startups, Six Sigma and Quality sciences. Love nature and backpacking. Built a tiny house. Founder of 2 companies.

About me

Dysfunctional companies, cities and societies make decisions based on axiomatic beliefs. Data-driven ones answer tough questions through analysis. I like to work with datasets to change our mindsets.

Work Timeline

Data Scientist

Our big dream at is to help the education system improve itself, while making education spending more targeted and responsive to emerging classroom needs. I lead the data team to accomplish this goal. Worked on:
+ gender prediction algorithm, resource and product classification, natural language processing and topic extraction, some deep learning
+ publishing data insights (
+ rolled out business intelligence in Looker and built the data model
+ built out our cloud data infrastructure in AWS
+ worked with researchers at Stanford, NYU and Columbia on publications
+ designed and co-taught a 3 month data analytics course
+ and a few more things here:

Tiny House on Wheels

Design & Construction

See the site

From design to driving the last nail in, my partner and I built this tiny house together. The idea was to learn how to create with our bare hands and to also unplug from the urban NY life we had and head into the wilderness to continue our work and interests.


Startup Festival

Technology and Sales

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Startup Festival was a 4 day city-wide event that united 5000 people and over 100 partners to celebrate Bangalore's Rise as the Startup Capital of India. I designed 3 platforms: pledges, website and startup map; built a team of 20; managed design, branding and optimized online channels (25,000 Facebook Likes in 3 weeks); analyzed data to increase sales 80-fold; 5000 people came to enjoy 140 startup events in over 100 locations.



Metric Tracking and Gap Analysis App

See the site | See the demo

Headlamp is a GPS for startups. It uses metrics to navigate you through running a lean startup. Headlamp converts your business metrics into strategies. By tracking metrics through time, it helps startups select strategies "that work", reduce waste, and increase customer value. I have engineered, designed, conducted multiple UX tests and started coding it in Ruby on Rails.


Big aid meets big data

See the site is where worldwide human needs are gathered and visualized on a map. I've traveled and lived in India to gather and package data on the needs of suburban schools. I worked on the SMS system for gathering and then classifying data based on keywords, and later mapping it on google maps. Using this data, Needmap is positioned as an investment analyst in development field. Needmap was awarded $10k seed capital prize from Liquidnet.


Collective Labs

UX/UI Design Portfolio

See my portfolio

After years of UI design for clients, friends and my own projects, I started to formally highlight my work. I studied UX and started focusing on User Experience for product design, utilizing (and evolving) Lean UX process.


Data Projects: Highlights

Data Mining for Root Causes: Which of the 70 variables have a significant effect on steel plugging issue? CHAID, Sequential Sweeps, Decision Trees, Classification, Process Control, Correlation, ANOVA, Regression, Relational Matrix.

Fractional Factorial Designs For Screening Experiments: Discover Critical Factors Affecting Rotor Quality.

Predictive Modeling: Do Bonuses Increase Sales? Predicting Fuel Consumption for Vehicles. Predicting Insurance Premiums for Fires in NYC

Correlation, Association, Concordance, Agreement: Chi-Square, Cramer’s V, J-Index of Predictive Efficiency, Kendall Test, Friedman Test, Point-Biserial Coefficient of Association, Cohen’s Kappa

Quality, Optimization, Risk Management and Cost Reduction: Maximizing On-target Production at Lowest Cost. Precision and Accuracy of the Depth Gauge. Which of 5 Label Designs results in maximum sales in the 5 boroughs of NYC and 5 types of outlets? Analyzing Losses Due to Poor Die Quality from Vendors Supplying Ford Motor Company. How to Teach Statistics to MBAs: Traditional or Studio? Placement of Sweet Goods in Supermarkets: Maximizing Sales of Revenue at Earthgrains.

See my full data portfolio and download research summary



Rewards Platform

Old Landing Page

Greenlighted rewards consumers socially and financially for buying from companies that advanced social and environmental causes. I've managed the creation of 3 web products (2 x LAMP, 1 x Ruby on Rails), a team of 6, key partnerships, and all branding and design.

Unreasonable Institute

Startup Accelerator

See the site

Unreasonable Institute is a mentor-driven, 6 week residential accelerator program in Boulder, Colorado for ventures that are solving some of the biggest social and environmental challenges. I was involved in strategic planning, customer feedback loop design, continuous improvement systems, and product design (including MySQL, PHP, Amazon API) of our monetization technology - the marketplace.



BS Applied Mathematics

Leadership and Entreprenuership Certificates


I packed in 3 years worth of Chemical Engineering curriculum, got a degree in Applied Mathematics, picked up graduate courses in statistics, went through a 4 year Leadership Certificate, took courses in Economics, International Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Molecular Biology. While in undergrad, I have learned UX, UI and frontend web programming (HTML/CSS). In that I worked on Unreasonable Institute - global startup accelerator (still doing great!) and consumer rewards platform Greenlighted (failed, and learned a ton!)

MS Engineering Management

+ Six Sigma Practitioner Certificate


Focus on Data Mining, Experimental Design and Applied Research. Inspired by Professor Jeffrey Luftig who didn't have a textbook, and instead taught Total Asset Utilization, Customer Quality Assurance, Quality Sciences, and Data Mining from industry datasets he used to build a $1 billion company. The degree = Statistics + MBA = data-driven decision making. Aside from courses loaded with statistics, I enjoyed other practical courses like Agile Project Management, Lean Manufacturing, Finance, and Leadership.

My Skills

Experimental Design, Statistical Analysis
Meta and Social Research
Machine Learning, Data Modeling
Python, SQL, AWS
Photoshop, UX, UI, HTML/CSS

Love for Data

Invention and learning - two forces that drive me.

What I'm learning now

I work as a Data Scientist at Spend lots of my time on Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and productizing data discoveries. Every now and then I venture out to polish up or learn new skills on Coursera.

My way of thinking

I'm driven by solving big challenges and by learning new technologies. I gravitate towards people who simplify life. I'm eager to join a kick-ass team of creators and to work really hard to build the future together.

Some other skills

This way of self assessment is a bit silly, so for your information, I rated the skills based on how well my public presentation or talk would be received by a crowd.

  • 60/100Guitar Jammin'
  • 85/100Agile PM
  • 90/100UX Design
  • 45/100SQLite/MySQL
  • 85/100Web Design
  • 20/100Farsi
  • 75/100Six Sigma
  • 90/100Statistical Analysis
  • 90/100Entrepreneurship
  • 85/100Creative Branding
  • 75/100Team Building
  • 99/100Russian
  • 90/100Strategic System Thinking
  • 90/100Business Dev
  • 80/100Product Management
  • 95/100Speaker


  • Data Research Portfolio

    Highlights a few data analysis and experimental design problems I worked on

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  • UX / UI Design Portfolio

    This is a portfolio of design, UX, branding and other creative work

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